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01 about

Hello! I'm Mechtild

That's German and hard to pronounce.

How did I start quilting?

Growing up I remember my mom sewing clothes for our family. She taught me how to sew in my teens. I continued to sew clothes until I was pregnant with our first child. Letting needles and scissors lay around with a little one didn't seem like a good idea so I stopped for a few years. 

We had three more kids and moved across the Atlantic.

Some day a few years ago, I saw some quilting fabric, got intrigued and bought it. After that first quilt I was hooked and haven't had a day without piecing, quilting or plotting new quilts since.

Our last name is Steinert which translates to stone, hence the name QuiltStones.

Quilting is besides training for my next marathon or triathlon my safe haven which carries me through the day raising the little crazy ones. I get inspiration everywhere I look but mostly they come to me on my runs. I love to just start with an idea and see where it takes me. My approach is more or less organized chaos or the "no-rules" rule. I start with an idea and along the way the direction changes completely. Often that means I buy fabric without having a specific project in mind. I know someday it will  find its way into the project it was supposed to be in. This is also my favorite part of starting a new project, diving into fabric and letting it tell me what it wants to be. 


02 Quilts

Longarm Services

03 longarm services

I love to quilt and would like to help you finish your masterpiece or bring your quilting dreams to life. I offer longarm quilting services and complete custom quilts.


04 contact

Tel: 914-409-5104

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